Thursday, 31 August 2017

All I Need In This Life of Sin... is MEAT Liqour Brighton

Want a food experience which will immerse you into an abstract world of neons. street art and industrial interior vibes- look no further than the sin city of food houses, MEATLiqour...

MEATLiqour is not for the faint hearted. An ethos of 'go hard or go home' strikes me as pretty applicable. With a dining experience taking you into the minds and works of artists of all kinds, this no f##ks given environment compliments its food and drinks menu to perfection.

MEATLiqour is a small chain of restaurants which can be found across the UK, including London, Brighton and Leeds. After walking past one of the buildings, I was always dying to see inside. On a recent trip to Brighton, it was my time to shine and oh boy MEATLiqour Brighton did not disappoint!

Standing opposite the building on the other side of the street, you already get an immediate sense of the style and atmosphere of the restaurant. The entrance is small, but mighty. With low ceilings and a dark interior, the florescent lights covered in street art already attracts- even as a passer by.

The interior of the building is an arty, neon dream. The interior is very dark and atmospheric. It is primarily lit by pink neon lights, which, I am an absolute sucker for! The interior has different areas including an open plan seating area and several booths along the side of the main space. The booths are each decorated differently, with a different vibe within each. The one I chose is the one featured below, I fell in love with the chains, the lighting and how the booth was not completely enclosed.

The materials used in the interior compliment the status and the style of the brand. They have used mix match seating and raw, industrial metals to create the urban effect.

As I had dinner booked that evening, sadly I only allowed myself some small sharing dishes and a few cocktails. I am trying to move away from food posts now and focus my energy into the interiors and experiences I get from places. I know you all love a snap of food, but you're all outta luck bambino's. Im sarrrrrry <3

There is absolutely no sin in indulging in MEATLiqour. I recommend it, like WOAH. The food is amazing, the staff were super friendly, the cocktails were scrumptious and the interiors give you an atmospheric experience like no other. I am off to see if I can steal that pink flamingo, but in the mean time check out the MEATLiqour website by clicking below...

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  1. Wowza! This place looks amazing! Love the lighting, the neon, the colours. Puts me in mind of a strip club but with all of the pie and none of the pole dancing. Win win!


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